Thursday, February 7, 2008

Trying Again

Okay, I'm trying this again. My last blog didn't get updated but maybe twice a year. Since I don't keep baby books for my two toddler's I think it's only fair that they have some record of their childhood, so I will try this again for them. Maybe if I guilt myself into it, I'll actually follow through and update my blog on a regular basis.

Right now, we are trying to find a house because we have to move. I want to live up in the snow, but it doesn't seem like they make big houses in Placerville or Pollock Pines or Diamond Springs. They have smaller houses on lots of land, and I want a big house on lots of land! Unfortunately, we are limited where we can look by Dan's job and Allie's gym........and the fact that once you pass Cameron Park, there are no 4 bedroom homes for rent! And yes, we are definitely renting first so that I can confirm I want to actually live in the foothills.... :)

We are in day 2 of potty training yet again with Addison and hopefully she won't start holding her pee all day like last time! The count yesterday was: Pee in the potty - 2 and pee in the pants - 1. Not bad for a new day one!!!