Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Just a Week in the Life

Okay, so my goal for daily posting has failed miserably. Well, I guess I am going to shoot for AT least once a week right now. I'll try to sum up the last week as simply as possible:

Last Wednesday I discovered that my keys were locked in the car (twenty minutes before I was supposed to pick up Andrew from school). Did you notice that I did NOT say that I locked them in the car. Nope. The night before Dan and I went to Costco, and after I got the kids inside Dan unloaded and I thought he brought in my bag. Uh-uh. Nope, that stayed right out in the open on the front passenger seat which made it very easy for me to see from the other side of the door as I am trying to go get Andrew. Finally, after AAA came, I was able to pick him up over an hour late....oops.

On that same lovely day, on my way to get Andrew, I spaced out and almost missed the off ramp to his school. So, being the safe driver I am, I made sure I had a clear path and then flew across two lanes and off the freeway. Oh yeah, and as I discovered I was about to miss his exit, I started the "F" word (as it's sometimes called in my house, other times, the full expletive comes flying out), but trying to curb my potty mouth around my kids, didn't finish the word. It sounded like "Ffffffffffffffffffffff". Well, Addie, ever so helpful, finished the word for me! It was THE exact phrasing that flew through my brain, really quite canny. Chalk another point up to my mother of the year award.

Let's see, what else happened. Oh yeah, I left my husband alone with the kids (I try to do this often, for my own sanity), and I came home to a broken window. Andrew tried his hammer out on the playroom window, and my husband, lovely man that he is, missed the importance of this being a no-no in our house. Well, quite quickly he discovered the necessity of not allowing our children to bang on the windows with hammers, even toy hammers. So, now we have this high class Eggo Waffle box taped to the cracked window pane (only one pane of the dual pane window broke...whatever!). Yes, and the bright yellow design of the box faces outside, announcing not only our food choices, but makes for a eye catching design in the window. No, I'm not the one who taped the box up.

That same day, Andrew decided he didn't want the sliding glass door open anymore. So, knowing he shouldn't be messing with the doors, decided to close it anyway, and forgot to remove his finger from the door and it got stuck and he couldn't pull it out. Poor baby, he was shaking it hurt so bad....oh and yes, he cried! Happy to say, he's all better...just a bit of swelling now. But for a moment, I thought I was doomed to another ER visit.

Speaking of............

Ummm, oh, yes, and I made my semi-annual visit to the ER. It had been almost five months since our last trip, and we were due. This time it was our oldest. Poor Allie had been having some vicious stomach pains and they weren't going away. Finally, after a fever broke out, I took her in late Thursday night, and after five looong drawn out hours, we got to come home. She's doing better, her plumbing has been fixed and she's a much happier girl these days.

Other than that, it's been a quiet week.