Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Playing in the Snow!

Well, we took Addie and Andrew to the snow for the very first time and much to our surprise, they loved it. Okay, let me clarify, we are surprised that Andrew loved it, we knew Addison would have a great time and she sure did! We all had a huge snowball fight, and being the mean mom that I am, I accidently hit Andrew right in the eye with the second snowball....oops. But, much to my relief, he handled it well, and didn't even cry!!! I felt so bad it's funny and I laugh even thinking about it, but at that moment I was afraid I had traumatized him for life.

The kids may have not been feeling well that day though, because they complained less then Allie did about the long day in the car. We are not yet one of those lucky families that have a DVD system set up in their car and we have to entertain our kids the old fashioned way, which can be a real pain in the butt sometimes.

We went and looked for places to live as well....and we scratched some off our list when we couldn't even find the house...too far off the main road for us!! I'm not sure we accomplished much as we have no idea where we want to live.

Well, you may be wondering how the potty training is going, and I am avoiding the topic on purpose. Things have been going very well, many more potty triumphs than accidents, so I shall not sabotage a good thing right now!