Friday, February 8, 2008

Potty Training...again....

Potty training Addison is going to span the next few years...maybe peer pressure will finally get her motivated to pee in the potty. She only has 3 more years until kindergarten, so heck, we're half way there.

I do have to give her credit though, she waited to get a bout of diareha until Daddy was home with her and after the second round, he bowed down to Addie and planted her butt back into a diaper. Round 2 to Addie. So, for those keeping count, parents: 0 and Addie: 2. Because of Addie's overdose on tomatoes (thus the nasty poo) we will begin round 3 of potty training on Monday.

Taking Andrew to school today proved to be a highlight of my morning. As he rolled around on the floor in the midst of a temper tantrum as I dropped him off, other parents walked in with their calm, well behaved children and had to walk over his writhing body to drop off their lovely kids. I am yet again reminded how far we have to go yet...but that's okay, one day at a time :)

I drowned my stress shopping and I hit the clearance rack and hit upon a gold mine!! I found clothes for all three kids, some as cheap as a dollar! I picked up some winter clothes for next year, summer clothes for this year, and some clothes for all three of them right now....I feel immensely better!