Saturday, February 23, 2008

Keeping it Up!

I am going to keep this blog updated...and although I'll never be one of those once a day posters, I am at least shooting for a few times a week!

Potty training has been a success, I repeat, potty training has been a success! Addison now uses the potty all the time and only wears a diaper during nap times and at bedtime. But, and yes, there's always a but....the one caveat of having a newly potty trained child, I now get to evaluate every single bathroom every single time we go somewhere new. In the last two days, I have been in the bathrooms of: Target, Ross, Grocery Store, Restaurant, Fry's electronics. That doesn't seem like much, but when you realize that these are the places Addison has visited, and every single one has required a bathroom visit, most of the time without result. She finds it very interesting to see what each bathroom is, and asks me "what's this?" "what's that?" "Will this hurt my ears?" "I'm scared, don't let me go down [the toilet]!" And no, I have not let her fall I still have all this to do one more time once Andrew starts potty training......woohoo.

Yes, Addison is crying in the first picture. She was not happy to leave the zoo last Friday, and had no reservations about voicing her displeasure. She refused to even smile for the camera, and usually she is the house ham bone!