Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4th of July Parade

Oh man...

Well, we planned early on that we were going to take Andrew to the parade.  It's time to push him out of his comfort zone, we thought.  It's time.

Hmmm, a lot of bold talk by us.  His reaction reminded us that for as much progress as he's made by being in school, her still has a long way to go. The noises were over the top for him.  He was ready to go in the first few minutes.  I had to take him, shaking to the core,  out of the stroller and we had to watch a good portion of the parade at the end of the block.

He was very intrigued with the old cars and over a period of time I was able to get him back up to the stroller.

When I tried to push the stroller away from the front lines, Addison came unglued...we just couldn't win that night!! 

End result - Andrew is not FOND of parades, and we won't attempt another one for a looong time!  I managed to get a couple of pictures though....

Here he was okay:


Here, he was done, didn't want to be there anymore!