Wednesday, July 9, 2008

New Furniture

What is this a picture of?:


a. A picture of Addie being cute

b. A picture of our couch

c. A picture of our couch that is now broken

The answer is C.  Just a few weeks after we ordered new furniture, Allie plopped down on the couch, a LOUD crack ensued and she sunk into the depths of our now dilapidated couch.  Was it a sign that we made the right choice in purchasing new furniture?  Was it confirmation that, no, we're not being extravagant, but purchasing what is necessary.  Well, maybe that would explain the new couch and loveseat...even our coffee table and end table (we don't currently own a coffee table and our end table is broke), but what about the new recliner?  Ahhh, well, our current one, just days before the couch coughed its' last dying breath, our chair made a funny noise and now if you lean back, it tips to the right and will fall over if you lean to far. 

So, in the end, our hoakie old furniture that has been moved....we think five times in ten years is begging for retirement and we have listened.  Next Friday when we move to our new house, we will be getting a new couch, loveseat, coffee table, end table, recliner, dining room table and 6 chairs! 

Next to be replaced:  Alllie's dresser, if you shut a drawer too hard, a piece of the front falls off.