Friday, June 20, 2008

Want or a Need?

Okay, I'll be the first to admit...I'm not one for manual labor.  Don't like and try my best to avoid just about any cost.  Hauling around two toddlers is enough for me.

So, we're getting ready to move........again, just 10 months after moving to our current home.  We paid a couple of guys to help out.  Still, the end result was a catastrophic accident leaving Andrew in a full leg cast. 

Facing a longer move, in the middle of July (for those keeping track, it's the middle of summer...HOT.  I don't do hot, and Dan would prefer not to as well), Dan and I are considering hiring a moving company to come in and move our stuff.  We received a quote today.  WOOHOO, it's not cheap, economical, or a bargain.  You wouldn't be able to call us frugal either.  Some would argue that you could never use us in the same sentence as frugal anyway, but that's not the point! 

Here's our choice:

Moving ourselves:

  • PROS
    • Cheaper
  • CONS
    • Busting our butt for two days, just moving.  This doesn't include packing and unpacking
    • Sweating a lot
    • Trying to keep track of three kids, keep them out of things, prevent any more broken bones.

Having a company move us:

  • PROS
    • We don't have to lift a thing!
    • I can take the kids and head up to the new house, take our time, not worry about anything!
    • We can be moved in one day
  • CONS
    • Expensive
    • Yeah, nothing else comes to mind here.... seems like an easy choice....if a windfall would just come our way!