Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Quiz Time

What happens when you put the following items together:

  • Night light
  • Safety Pin
  • Light socket

Here's a hint:


I'd have pictures of the night light and half melted away safety pin, but those have been thrown away before I could take pictures.

So, which of my inquisitive children tried this hair raising, death defying experiment?


Yep, if you guessed Addison, you guessed right!  We got up the other morning, and since Addie's door sticks, she can't open the door to let us know that she is awake.  I went in and she told me that her light popped when she tried to take it out.  Silly me, I thought she was just trying to take the nightlight out to be helpful.  Nope.  Somewhere she found a safety pin, thought it would be neat to put everything together and stick it in the light socket, and blew a fuse.

This is the same child that disassembled Dan's little flashlight that he kept on a key chain so he could see in the  dark...if we could just get her to put that same enthusiasm to..oh, let's say, putting on her own clothes!