Sunday, June 15, 2008

Almost Time to Move

How is it possible to accumulate so much crap stuff in such a short amount of time?  We have only lived here for 9 months, but we had a very busy garage sale where we sold loads of crap.  We have since taken 2 carloads of things to Goodwill, and thrown away an amazing amount of.....NOTHING!  Things not worth keeping, yet we kept!  Why?  Uhh.....who knows. 

So, here we sit, waiting to hear if we get house #1 or house #2.  We should know today but house #1 isn't looking so hot.  The lady wants to meet us.  We aren't the quietest group of people and I think we'll scare her.  Not only that, the last time we had to drive up to Folsom, we ended up pulling over twice because Andrew decided he'd had enough of....something.  Not quite sure what sets him off the deep end at times, but when he ventures down that path, it's time to get out of the car and wait for him to be done.  I'm not to eager to replay that last trip.  I'll pass.

So we wait.......and pack, and continue to be amazed at why in the world we have held on to things that shouldn't be in the house.


BTW...I'm ready to go camping again!  That's why I'm including a few pictures.