Friday, September 17, 2010


I want to resurrect some of my hobbies and my future dreams...everything has been put on hiatus since Ace came along last October. I've never pretended to be one of those moms that can handle fifty things at once and will suck it up and take their kids everywhere with them. No, I'm not one of those. I hole up at home and focus on surviving the new chaos on a sleep deprived lifestyle.
Now that my babe is almost a year old, it's time to carve out some time for myself, especially since my hubby is dying to play music again. The problem is, I've only dabbled in scrapbooking the past couple years - I used to know everything about everything, and now I'm so far behind. Their are tools and "stuff" that I just have no idea what they are and what they do. I'm so behind the learning curve, it's not even funny.
So, what to do, what to do...spend a butt load of money - buy the Cricut Imagine, try to attend a swarm in Utah (last time I was in Utah was for a CKU many many years ago). What's a swarm? No idea. what goes on? No idea. But, what better way to relearn everything....just jump in and give it a go!