Saturday, February 21, 2009

No Cake Slice or TWD

All the ingredients are sitting in my kitchen, but with hubby's birthday and an last week's TWD cake combined with my morning sickness - there's no way on this planet I am baking anything right now.  I can't even cook dinner because just being around food makes me queasy.  Hopefully by next time I'll be back to normal.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My New Best Friends

I'm none to pleased to introduce my new best friends: Queasy and Sleepy.  Both are a bit on the needy side, always standing next to me, never giving me much of a chance to breathe.  I mean, they seem to be a bit suffocating, and for as much as I love meeting new people, I've had my share of these two overbearing companions.  With them around, I don't get the chance to do my normal things.  For one, it's a battle to just climb out of bed as Sleepy is very comfortable to snuggle with, much to the chagrin of my poor neglected husband.  For another, Queasy is a very smooth talker, constantly keeping me out of the kitchen, causing a serious dent in the bank account as we must leave the house to forage for food. The neglected husband I mentioned, well he's actually had to succumb to buying sweets at ::gasp:: the grocery store...oh my!

I really can't wait until our ever persistent house guests get bored and move on to greener pastures.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's been too long

I haven't posted in quite some time.  I'm not feeling very motivated. We have a nice quiet life, with the same old things day in and day out.  Only my family looks over here and they already know most things, well because they're part of my post.

But, maybe it's time to reconsider.  I really should keep some record of the slight sliver of sanity we've managed to retain.  For some, crazy, reason I have this - let's call it a 'hunch' - that this fragile monotony is about to end as we know it.

I have my sources - pretty reliable sources that have enlightened me to the calm before the storm.  So, I'm hunching down, preparing for what's to unfold and I'm going to keep my little unread blog updated.  Just to say that I actually followed through on something.  Just to remind myself that as day to day busy we may have been, it's all about to change.  Again. And I'm not ready.  But, that's never stopped us before!!

Cheers =)